Who We Are


Tony Meachum in the Office

Tony Meachum is the Co-Owner and President of Xcel Hermetics. Tony manages the workforce and handles the day-to-day operations. Tony's work is split between the business side as well as the technical side of Xcel. Technical interactions with customers are mainly handled by Tony Meachum.


Tony Meachum in the Shop

Tony also does his fair share of work in the shop, enjoying the thrill of hard work. Whether it's assisting the workforce in the shop or jumping in to work on a job on his own, Tony is often found working on a motor.


Dusty Moser

As the Office Manager, Dusty Moser handles the majority of the business side of Xcel. Taking care of the finances, job files and interacting with customers & the shop are all a part of Dusty's role at Xcel.


Miranda Paul

Being the Office Assistant, Miranda Paul works closely with Dusty and interacts with customers on a daily basis. Answering the phone and keeping up with the details of each job are part of Miranda's role at Xcel.


Xcel's Team

Here at Xcel, we are a team. We each play a vital role within the company and work together to guarantee quality results. We all value honesty and reliability in order to build lasting relationships with our customers as well as among each other.


Cecil Meachum

Being the mind behind the business, Cecil Meachum was the Founder of Xcel. For over 45 years, Cecil built a solid reputation as one of the most trusted names in the hermetic repair industry.  In September of 2018, Cecil Meachum passed away. Having such a significant impact in the hermetic motor industry as a whole, Cecil will remain a respectable icon among the hermetic motor community and will forever be a cherished member of Xcel Hermetic Motor Rewinding.